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NRCommunication is constantly changing and innovating to become a global distribution complex company.


01. NRC Philippine direct sales business initiated


03. The Cellin SC type 4 set released
04. The Cellin White Balance type 6 released
07. Head office moved to Gwanggyo new town
10. Sung, Hojong becomes CEO


02. Bought NVEC(NVoim English Corporation) in Philippines
07. N-Telecom pay-later service launched
11. The Cellin Essence Cushion released


02. N-Telecom 3G / LTE complete unlimited call plan released
03. Jukjangogapi released
05. Pine Needle Resin, ESPI-II released
11. The Cellin SC Max 2.5 released
12. Award Certificate from Mayor of Seoul “Contribution to Public Welfare”
      K-ISMS (Information Security System) certification achieved


04. Health functional product integrated brand ‘Natrifam’ launched
05. The Cellin SC type 5 released
06. R&D Center CellinBio freeboard appointment and transaction started
08. Daily supply integrated brand ‘Nlihome’ launched
10. Signed contract to KT & MVNO service
      Established a sisterhood relationship with Ganggunh and iLoveFarm
      iSlim Diet Weight launched
12. MVNO ‘N-telecom’ established
      The Cellin MC, OC product line launched


01. Bought NRC USA cookware brand ‘Perma-Life’
08. Premium kitchen product ‘Perma-Life 9 Star’ launched
09. Online general merchandize store iMall7 Grand Opened
10. iMall7 mobile service released


01. Defencia a mixed lactic acid bacteria released
02. Cleo cosmetic brand cooperation product released
      The Cellin EOP type 7 set released
07. NRC USA Direct Sell business initiated (Los Angeles, USA)
11. NRCommunication & Partners MOU signed a contract


01. Signed international aid business agreement with BogeumJari
03. Signed strategic business agreement with Ranee
       Signed strategic business agreement with Korea Educational
      Broadcasting System
04. The Cellin EOP Nano Skin type 2 released
05. NRC Lotte partnership card released
06. Freeboard appointment and transaction started
12. NR Communication &Food Science Corporation
      Signed contract to USA MOU


03. Held a ‘Center of Compliance Program (CCP)’ adoption ceremony
05. NRC Love Sharing volunteer started.
10. The Cellin EOP Nano Skin set released
12. Accumulated 2,000,000 members


01. Suyan type 5 set released
07. Delivered sponsored goods to hockey team in 2008 Beijing Olympic
09. Found CellinBio R&D Center
       Premium cosmetic brand ‘The Cellin’ and
       set of ‘The Cellin Nano Stem Cell’ released
10. Pohang-si, CKDHC (Chong Kun Dang Healthcare) Jukjangogapi
      Signed business agreement with Agricultural Association Corporation


01. Registration of a license to payment system and method via prepaid device
      (Registration Number 10-0675758)
03. Espi beta-carotene released
08. High-speed internet LG PowerCom ‘XPEED’ released
09. Signed business agreement with ChildFund (Korea Welfare Foundation)
      - Carried out ‘NRC Love Sharing Campaign’
      - Built ‘NRC Love Child Fund Raise”


02. HanBangMein Cosmetics “秀얀” launched
04. Held a ‘NRC group autonomous law committee” ceremony
08. Accumulated 1,000,000 members
10. Registration of a license to prepaid device’s charging system and method
      (Registration Number 10-0638601)
12. Completion of logistics center (Anseong, Gyeonggi-do, Korea)


04. HanaroTelecom’s High-speed internet ‘Hanaforce Prepaid Package’ released


04. Held a compliance company proclamation ceremony
      Accumulated 500,000 members 07. Compliance program (CP) introduced
12. Business strategic agreement with JoongAng Ibo
Signed business and academic cooperation system with
      Seoul Digital University (SDU)


01. Signed contract with MACCO (Mutual Aid Cooperative Consumer)
03. Business strategic agreement with Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance
      (Developed Sarang Transportation Accident Insurance service for NRC members)
08. The 1st prepaid service for high-speed internet
      ‘Dacom Borahong Net prepaid package published ’
11. Attended the 1st International Direct Selling Fair (Trade market in Seoul)


07. Company name changed to NR Communication
12. Joined KDSA (Korea Direct Selling Association)


03. Business partnership agreement with LG Capital (LG Card issued)
04. Cosmetic products distribution business launched
      ‘[Rendrevie] functional cosmetic product for women released’
      Accumulated 100,000 members
Functional health food distribution business established.
      (Bioventure group investment)


01. KT Prepaid Scheme Distribution Business launched


Establishment of Company: December 8th 1999
Enhancing quality of life by creating a new value to information and communication, and contributing to distribution development industry and fulfilling customer satisfaction by creating a new paradigm in distribution industry.