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About NRCommunication

NRCommunication is constantly changing and innovating to become a global distribution complex company.

NRCommunication is a global distribution complex company that will enhance the value of life in living.

Founded in 1999, NR Communication is a distribution complex company with 7 different business fields that is closely involved in our daily lives, such as telecommunication, online store, cosmetics, health functional product, daily supplies, kitchen products, and educational products. We provide these fields to our members to sell and deliver the services directly to our customers. By doing so, we are able to make a convenient and reasonable consumption culture to our customers, offer a stable business opportunity to our members, and together we make a better future and dream a better life.

Also, we are making an influence in overseas market by operating a NVEC language center located in Manila and Cebu, Philippines, to maintain a systematic management of video English and quality improvement at our overseas cooperation NRC USA and ‘NVOIM’ that is located at the heart of North America market.

With the establishment of business diversification and overseas market, NR Communication is able to make a quantitative growth and build a strong business infrastructure to continue investment and research development. Especially, we were able to make our CellinBio R&D center, which was established in 2008 and grew into a bio-venture company that acts as a biomaterial expert to develop various patent material for overseas export to Europe, Japan, China etc. and for base material that conjugate in stem cell cosmetics and health functional products. With such successful research results, we are also doing national projects with the government agency.

Therefore, NR Communication is trying its best to become a company that enhances the value of living by rediscovering the values in our daily lives, with a precision management’s pursue of the right path and ethical management’s win-win strategy to create a new value to our customers and members and propose constant possibilities.

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