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R&D/Global Business

NRCommunication is constantly changing and innovating to become a global distribution complex company.

Leading 21st Century Distribution Complex Company

NR Communication has brought a new paradigm to the distribution market with direct sales to members. It is becoming a leading company in 21st century distribution complex company by building a solid business basis with continuous investment and business diversification.


CellinBio is a biological material development specialized company that provides beauty and health to customers’ life with a high value product created from technology and knowledge.
Founded in September, 2008, as a bio-venture company in a time where petro-chemistry material industry began to change into eco-friendly biological material industry, CellinBio is a R&D specialized company that focuses on research development on applying high valued biological material, based on biological phenomena and system, into medicine, food, and cosmetics.


A creative education with proven and tested outstanding native speakers! Through a localization strategy, we aim to make new paradigm in education.
Located in the local area of Philippines, NVEC is a learning center directly operated by NR Communication where it holds outstanding native speakers to improve the quality of education. Moreover, they operate an instructor system that maintains an effective member management.
NVEC will keep the enterprise spirit of global NR Communication by making a new paradigm in education with strict qualification and efficient management.